HiRES Imaging is using high-end equipment from HASSELBLAD and HEIDELBERG to digitally capture your analogue images. HiRES Imaging developed it’s own workflow for capturing large amounts of high-resolution digital files from original negatives and positive colour transparencies.

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HiRES Imaging restoration services will digitally restore the original information from a damaged negative, chrome or print. If originals suffered from scratches, damaged emulsion, colour shifts and other age-related degradations we are specialised to do the necessary repairs. We make sure that the digital file represents the original as close as possible.


Retouching an image is a very subjective process. Possible alterations range from overall changes of brightness, contrast or colour to extensive and detailed manipulations of the image. With over 20 years of experience in this field HiRES Imaging is a competent partner for your most demanding retouching  jobs.

Fine Art Printing

An image really comes to life once it’s printed. HiRES Imaging knows how to get the best results from your images using the latest technology and years of experience. From the initial consultation through to the installation of your exhibition, our efficient project management will develop and oversee each stage of the production process.

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