Photoshop Script: “HiRES-Contrast Range Sheet”

Using Photoshop actions is greatly standardising and speeding up our workflow. At this re-interpretation of a very known Salvador Dali portrait originally shot by Horst P. Horst we used our “HiRES-Contrast Range Sheet” action to produce a variety of contrast and brightness options to select from. The variations are automatically labeled and the matching setting can be applied easily to the hi-res file.

How the “Contrast Range Sheet” works

In a first set of steps the action creates a couple of layers to selectivly manipulate the dark shadows (“blacks”), shadows, midtones, lighter tones (“whites”) and highlights. The action includes substeps to alter the different “zones” individually in subtle steps. This initial part of the action can be applied later to a hires-version of the file. 

In the second part of the action 25 images with settings from low to high contrast and darker to brighter midtones are created. A new document is created from the 25 variants with the original image placed right in the middle. The variations are labeled according to the applied settings. The final ouput size can be specified during the process.

The “Contrast Range Sheet” turns out to be a great tool to discuss the route to go with our clients because it’s a visual proof. Even more if we are printing the sheet on different paper choices the decision making process is made so much easier.

Let us know if you are interested in trying it!

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